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  • If you’re connecting to a secure network, type the security key, and then click OK.
  • Bypassing the Activation Lock on your Apple device is simple — if you have the password.
  • If you enter too many wrong passwords, the message that the iphone is out of use will be displayed.
  • 123movies is a part of a network of other dozens of illegal clone websites.
  • Click “Ok” when prompted to uninstall the device.
  • I can browse on my phone just fine, but since a couple days ago, I haven’t been able to sync my google accounts on my phone, even drop box.

If a torent has multiple files, you can choose which ones to download. The Pirate Bay recently celebrated its 15th birthday and it is still one of the most popular torent trackers around. Surrounded by controversy and countless attempts by authorities to bring it down, this tracker still holds the throne in the torenting world. Meanwhile, a rival company seems to be bent by the power of the law. Unlike TBP, Kickass Torrents has recently lost almost 2,400 files removed all at once by Unity, a game engine corporation.

Forgot Your Apple Id Password? Icloud Forgot Password

To restart the PC and try connecting to the internet again. If you cannot connect, continue using these steps.

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Funny question but it’s a simple mistake to accidently turn off your Wi-Fi and there for have no internet. Drag the status bar at the top of the display downwards . You should be able to see whether your Wi-Fi is turned on or not. Most likely it’s a problem with the way your security software is configured. Since it works for most people, any issues with it are certainly going to be with your configuration. For support and firmware updates, we will need ports 22 and 443 open Outbound. Its not showing any options as you said in setting iam not understanding what to do.

How To Recover Your Apple Id Password

Wait for 30 seconds and then plug the power cable back into your modem. If you removed a battery from your modem, put it back now. Wait another 30 seconds for your modem to boot. I’ve tried just about anything that I can think of. My wifi separates into two different networks, one being a standard NETGEAR and one being a NETGEAR-5G and neither will work.

5 Annoying Things About Ios 5 Plus How To Fix Them

In this case, your device would be locked by the activation lock, and you can not have access to it unless you have the information of the original Apple ID. If you sold or gave away your Apple device but forgot to remove your personal data, it’s probably iCloud locked. In other words, your old iPhone thinks it still belongs to you rather than the person you sold it to. Before you give away or sell any Apple device, go through the process listed at the beginning of this article and turn off Find My Mac / iPhone / iPad. If you don’t, at least you have options after the device is with its new owner. If the device still has your data on it, click the “Erase” button — in this case, since this is an iPad, it says “Erase iPad.” Once again, you’ll see a dialog asking for permission to erase the device. A warning appears on the screen asking if you really want to erase the device.

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