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To fix this, turn off the computer and open up the case. Make sure all peripherals on the motherboard, such as the video card and the RAM, are seated properly and aren’t touching anything that are floating around in the case, such as wires. Dusty heat sinks will not allow cool air to flow through them.

  • Another piece of hardware to check on is a USB multi-slot card reader.
  • Windows creates several different types of dump files like Complete Memory Dump, Kernel Memory Dump, and Small Memory Dump.

Make sure the BITs and Windows update services are stopped. Also, you try to use process explorer to find out the processes using the folders. There could be many reasons for Windows update issues. First, you will need to connect the Windows 11 PC to the internet to get the updates.

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For issue 1, I would either go with the group policy resolution or endpoint protection software sometimes has this feature as well. Have the users drop off their devices before entering the building. I completely agree- disabling USB ports to keep people from charging their phones is extreme. This would be better handled at the management level as a breach of policy, and a user education moment about the dangers of USB. You can disable Phone-PC linking or Your Phone feature in Windows 10. Many cybercriminals use the name of legitimate applications to conceal their malicious codes and spread them. So, it is possible that a malware program is disguised in the name of YourPhone.exe and harming your computer.

404 messages list details such as not found, unsupported windll.com/dll/rad-game-tools-inc/binkw32 value, or unsupported edition. This section analyzes a screenshot of a failed event. It does not provide step-by-step instructions for analysis. In this section, use Fiddler to check for communication from the server, and verify Workspace ONE UEM sent the correct values to the device. Also, DiagTrack and Schedule must be running on the device to ensure enrollment and other management features properly function. BITS should not be deactivated as this is used to download various packages. Both device and Workspace ONE UEM servers must have access to has.spserv.microsoft.com using the TCP protocol on port 443 .

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In order to fix the Windows 7 errors, you should do a full system scan, starting at a hardware level and up to registry entries. The first step is to locate the log file to find details, and Here you will get moredetails of log files for Windows 10 Windows 11 Upgrade Process. Depending on the deployment or failure scenarios, the Windows upgrade troubleshooting logs are located in different folders. Disk boot failure is sometimes caused because a CD or DVD has been left in the disk reader. This how-to will walk you through the most common ones and show you how to solve the issue in each case.


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